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We are very much looking forward to welcoming everyone back to Rapid Read.
We hope you understand that some changes have had to be made but we promise to deliver the same level of service to you all. 



We have taken the following steps to ensure a safe workplace for both children and staff:

  • We have sanitising stations outside our classrooms for the children to use upon entry to their specific classroom.

  • We ask that children bring a pencil case to their workshop (pen/pencils/rubber, sharpener, and colours). They will be given a sanitised personal plastic container to keep all their work and stationery in while in the classroom.


  • Parents/guardians will not be allowed entry to the classrooms when dropping off or collecting children.


  • Please do not arrive before your designated time for workshops as we must ensure that pupils finishing their workshop have exited the classroom and desks etc have been sanitised before the next group of children are permitted access.

  • We shall have a text system in place for daily pick up following workshops.  Please text us on the emialed number and we shall bring your child to you. There is no requirement to text us on arrival for workshops. 

  • We have hand sanitiser available for use inside the classrooms and in our toilets however we would welcome the children bringing their own personal bottle for their desk.

  • If you wish your child to wear a mask, then please provide one. As per guidelines this is not a necessity for children under 13.

  • We have a bookshelf on the landing in the hall. Books can be borrowed and returned to the book bin at the top of the stairs when completed. This will ensure that the books are cleaned before being borrowed again by another child.  Children will also have access to sanitised books in their classrooms that they can choose from and return when read.

  • Children will be reminded to maintain social distancing when moving around the classroom or going to the bathroom. We have lots of signs up to remind them!

  • Unfortunately, we cannot provide our normal drink and so we ask that you provide your child with a water/juice bottle and snack.

  • We still hope to use tablets/ iPads/ computers during breaks and for extended learning opportunities. We will ensure these are carefully sanitised before and after each use.


Safety of all the children and staff is our Priority

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