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We see a future with children who are not only confident readers but enthusiastic excited life readers. We aim to bring joy to children through reading, handling difficulties in a relaxed and productive way to avoid any sense of failure. Children who are happy and relaxed learn more effectively and Rapid Read UK strives to envelop all of the necessary ingredients to achieve success.

Although reading this may now seem easy, learning to read is probably the hardest thing most of us ever do. Most children do find learning to read challenging and one in five children reaches the age of 11 unable to read proficiently. Many use strategies of sight memorisation and guessing to shortcut the reading process. It can work well initially, but gets them into trouble between the ages of six and nine. Rapid Read UK will help uncover and overcome these problems while developing reading confidence and reading fluency.

Rapid Read UK is managed and run by fully qualified teachers who are specially trained and experienced in teaching, delivering and developing phonics and literacy skills to children. Recent changes in the N.I. curriculum have not suited all children and we aim to provide not an alternative but an addition to this.

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