Just little note to let you know Bailey has had assessment done in school to
mark his progression in last 3 months of school and his reading age has come up 2 years and 2 months! Rapid Read has really helped Bailey!



Hannah's standardised score in Literacy has gone up from 95 to 109 since starting Rapid Read. We are so pleased with the results.

Just a little note to say Bailey has went up two levels in reading, to book band white (oxford reading tree). He has also been move up a reading group he's delighted, so our we. Rapid Read has been a major factor in Bailey reaching this goal! Thanks so much!


Thank you very much for all the help you have given Rebecca over the past few months.  Her reading has greatly improved and she is now reading on her own every night before she goes to sleep which she would have never done before attending Rapid Read. 

Cameron really loves Rapid Read and has been enjoying his weekly trip to see you all.

We have really noticed a difference in his reading ability and, most importantly, his confidence levels.  His reading has improved dramatically, and we are confident that his writing skills will catch that up pretty quickly.



Delighted with overall results, increased ability, confidence and fluency leading to a very happy 5 year old wanting to read his own bedtime stories. Absolutely great!


Thanks very much for sharing Reubens assessment results.

We are very pleased with his progression. It has certainly benefited in his school work.

Since starting Rapid Read we have seen vast improvements in Reubens work.

Thanks for all your hard work.



Hilary is brilliant with the kids!!! Dillon loves going to Rapid Read and his reading and concentration have improved so much !!! JM

Luke had an absolute ball today, he wants to quit school & go to Rapid Read everyday. He said " mummy I can't wait to go back "! Thank you Hilary , LP

Jack just loves Rapid Read and Miss Hilary! We are so pleased with his progress. SC

Laura’s confidence with her reading has really grown and she has only been to 5 workshops! DS

Just to let you know that at Jacks mid term parent teacher they said they have seen a massive change in him and he is getting on much better than the start of P2. They said he has proved to be capable and confident and is really getting there. She also said that sometimes he needs a prod of motivation (but dont we all! lol). This is a much better picture than what was going on in September and we are delighted that he is progressing and it is all thanks to your hard work and guidance, so thank you.


Don't know if Adam told you but assessment in school carried out Feb on reading and moved from Group 2 to top, as Confidence developed to match capability in last few months. Teacher very pleased with progress. He is obviously responding well to your coaching and support. Great success. Teacher meeting in few weeks so will discuss in more detail. Last time I attended she was pleased with his competence, just would like his confidence in group reading to develop, so obviously has.


Thank you, Arin really enjoyed the workshop and can't wait until next time, which is great because he can be hard to please. He has started his high frequency words and couldn't wait to show me the work he did today.


Jack's teacher told me today she's moving him up a reading group after Easter!


Thank you Hilary, Evie got a glowing report today at the parents interview they have noticed a real difference in the last month just since she started with Rapid Read so a hugh thank you.